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6'0" (183 cm), 224 lbs (102 kg)

  1. United Kingdom, London
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speedos, singlet, boots

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London based wrestler Monday to Friday, but willing to travel for good tough but sane submission wrestling. Especially looking for heavyweights to wrestle but more than happy to adjust to lighter guys! Based in central London, own mats.

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dadwrestle is recommended by MIKE WEST (3/13/2015)

Met Dadwrestle for first time recently. Hugely strong and fit fighter who knows exactly how to get some effective submissions. Applys a mean camel clutch and boston.
Friendly off the mat with great sense of humour. Will certainly want to meet again. Excellent mats and really handy central London location. Recommended!

MIKE WEST is recommended by dadwrestle (2/26/2015)

This wrestler is returning to "the scene" after a time out. Its a good thing that he's back!! We had a false start with a cancellation on his part, but he came back with an apology and wanting to fix another date. This time he was early and raring to go! He strong and aggressive on the mats, but safe and sane. We had a good tussle; he left threatening a return. All I can say is "Bring it on!!" I am ready for anything you want to TRY to dish out!


ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by dadwrestle (3/12/2015)

Rematch today! I had forgotten just how strong this wrester is! Watch out for the choke!! Great long tough submission wrestle this morning. I can only say you would be mad to miss your chance of locking up with this guy!
Met Marcus today! Great wrestler, took on the bigger man and made me work VERY hard! Most enjoyable wrestle; good company off the mats, too. He has skill, stamina and strength...what more could you ask for? I hope the rematch is soon!

dadwrestle is recommended by The Kestrel (2/26/2015)

Round 2 with paul was no easier than the last one, keen as ever he gave me a great workout and still had more pearls of wisdom to share! And this guy had a session the night before which begs the question - where does he get this energy from?????

I can pluck theories out of the air but instead i insist anyone who has not tried him had better have a go and see for themselves hehe

Dunno what i can say that has not been said already! Paul is a brilliant man, great host and one wicked wrestler, i dunno where he gets his energy from!!!!!

Outclassed me in every way, he really does know how to use his weight and strength for maximum advantage, and can be very punishing if you let your guard slip for a second, but very well controlled and safe as well. He was more than willing to share constructive feedback on how i was doing, and showed me how i can do some things better.

He has a great attitude on and off the matts, and interesting in conversation as well as wrestling, very recomendable to any who have not had the privilege of wrestling him

The Kestrel is recommended by dadwrestle (2/26/2015)

Round 2! Despite the short time between our meets and having wrestled Dave King (!!!), this guy had picked up some good tricks along the road! We had a good 3 hours on the mats battling it out. Second meet better than the first, if that can be believed. This is one tough strong fun wrestler!!
Well, this guy might call himself a rookie, but he's a born wrestler! Easy to fix a time with, reliable and friendly. Once on the mats, he goes for it!! Amazingly strong upper body, especially his arms. He's a natural on the mats, quick to learn, and quick to apply what he learns. Great stamina, he keeps on coming back for more. This was one HIGHLY enjoyable encounter! Good intense, tough submission wrestling, safe and sane. I can't wait for Round 2! 100% recommendation!!!

dadwrestle is recommended by biker (2/20/2015)

Met Paul yesterday for a wrestle. An all round great bloke, well experienced and superb instructor. I'm buzzing from our match. Muscles aching that i never knew existed. He gave sound advice and good lessons on a variety of holds, great for a newbie like me. For all novice guys dadwrestle is very much your man, he's sane paced but by no means a soft instructor. Well recommended.

Paul was my second opponent in the world of wrestling - i only wish that i came to this sport alot earlier. Loving it and up for much more.

Would like to meet up again, back after more experience under my belt for a more evenly matched game - hopefully.

biker is recommended by dadwrestle (2/19/2015)

Where have all these gifted rookies been hiding!? At very short notice we fixed to wrestle today. Straightforward, simple arrangements. This guy has a fine physique, is strong and agile and uses his weight well. He is a natural on the mats, learning fast. Best of all, he keeps on coming back for more! Great fun in the banter, but out to get stuck in ! This was a highly enjoyable first meet. I really hope its the first of many mat battles. This is a 100% recommendation of a wrestler who before long will be a serious challenge!

dadwrestle is recommended by walterfighter (2/13/2015)

Facing this huge man is an enormous pleasure. Big, strong, powerful, skilled. He can make you submit in just 3 seconds. Just be patient, resist the hold, and wait for a window of opportunity. Maybe you get to score a submission! Super cool. Great host. Awesome guy. 200% recommended.

walterfighter is recommended by dadwrestle (2/13/2015)

Just be ready for this gold star wrestler!! He's strong; he's agile; he's skilled and quick. He backs all this up with a tight muscled body with killer arms! We grappled hard exchanging body punches, as agreed. He can take punishment but, beware, he can dish it out too. Despite the weight advantage I had, he made me work for every submission, and had me tapping! This is one opponent NOT TO BE MISSED! Off the mats he is fun and great company! Lets hope Round 2 isn't too long in coming. This wrestler is 100% recommended!

dadwrestle is recommended by taigun2000 (1/31/2015)

I have wrestled this mountain of a man several times over the years . He is deceptively quick on the mats and takes no prisoners but a great guy off the mats We have have a rematch.

taigun2000 is recommended by dadwrestle (1/28/2015)

Met this tough Aussie wrestler some time back in the ring in Mamchester! Great opponent. Reliable, safe, sane, strong. Delivers a good bout. Wish he was nearer!!

dadwrestle is recommended by ringmaster (10/14/2014)

Located minutes from Victoria Station dadwrestle is a required stop for anyone serious about grappling. Primarily into submission wrestling we started battling the moment I stepped through the door. With his large wrestling room with mma mats dadwrestle brings a wealth of wrestling info and experience. Highly recommended.

ringmaster is recommended by dadwrestle (1/23/2015)

Round 2: Met again this amazing wrestler! Tried some pro stuff, which his skill made work for us. But watch out when he goes for a submission! Fast, tough and has you tapping in seconds! what a guy!
Met this veritable legend at my place today! He's all that he's cracked up to be. Tall, strong VERY skilled. Easy to fix time and date despite being ocean apart. Punctual! We had a a good 3 hour session. I hope we get to tangle again before too long. 100% recommendation!

dadwrestle is recommended by mr marcus (9/09/2012)

Met Paul a coulple of times. Catch-weight match of course as I'm 154lbs soaking wet, and a bit of a squash but great sweaty fun with fascinating guy.

mr marcus is recommended by dadwrestle (1/21/2015)

January 2015: great evening of hot wrestling. This wrestler stays in such awesome shape! Looks superb in his gear. Always delivers on the mats!
Always enjoy locking up with this guy! Safe, sane, reliable wrestler who enjoys the struggle!

dadwrestle is recommended by iain2911 (1/18/2015)

Don't know why it took so long to meet Paul. Don't let his name and age put you off, he is a gentleman on and off the mats and he has a mean headscissors. Highly recommended.

Round 2 today, second match of the day for me so I thought I'd be too tired but Paul made me feel at home and we started wrestling straight away as I walked through the door. More scissors on me and he can squeeze!

iain2911 is recommended by dadwrestle (1/18/2015)

Good, tough session tonight! This wrestler has powerful thighs so watch out for his head scissors! Hr just keeps on coming back for more! Fun on and off the mats.
We finally got to hit the mats today! Great guy!! Eager to wrestle, strong legs put to good use in scissor holds. Safe, sane and reliable. Looks good in his gear, too. Highly recommended!! Hope round 2 is not too long in coming!!

dadwrestle is recommended by daniellibra1986 (1/17/2015)

We finally meet after a near miss in October, at the end very glad to make it up, feel safe wrestler with him despite the size, it is well balance between fun and intensity also with lot of techniques exchange in between, more important safe and sane and good manner. a good start for the year 2015, hope we get to meet again.

daniellibra1986 is recommended by dadwrestle (1/15/2015)

We fixed a morning wrestle easily! Just to say...the pics do not lie! This is one muscled, strong, lighter guy. He was determined on the mats. Great technique, that got him out of some difficult moments! It was a great fun to mix with this wrestler. We promised a rematch whenever it could be arranged. He is 100% recommended. Dont miss out on taking this grappler down to the mats!


blackwrestleruk is recommended by dadwrestle (1/15/2015)

January 2015: just wanted to note, after a great rematch, that this wrestler is really muscled up these days! As strong and determined as ever, he's one of the best around. Always safe and sane, but delivers EVERY time! Off mats, a good conversationalist, fun company!
What ever you do, dont miss the opportunity of wrestling this guy! Awesome body, strong, skilled and a thoroughly reliable person.

dadwrestle is recommended by dave king (1/04/2015)

Big beefy wrestler, we had a nice long catchweight contest with subs on both sides, call it a draw dad? He knows how to finish his lads off

dave king is recommended by dadwrestle (1/04/2015)

Have met up with this tough dynamite of a wrestler on a few occasions! Always a hot, intense bout! Yeah, subs on both sides, but I make him WORK! This wrestler is one of the best there is! Tough, skilled, a great fight. But is he good enough to take the "dad"?

dadwrestle is recommended by Rutland (1/03/2015)

It was a real privilege to fight dad wrestle, someone with so much experience. We had a great 2 hour fight which I thoroghly enjoyed.

Strong, energetic and loves his wrestling, it was a great fun time.

A very friendly, amusing and intelligent guy off the mats! I look forward to meeting you again in the near future for round 2!


Rutland is recommended by dadwrestle (12/31/2014)

Seldom am I tempted to write at the start of a recommendation "100% RECOMMENDED", but on this occasion its the only thing to write!! This wrestler is the tops. Good defensive wrestling style, with explosive moments when the submission hold just hits you! This guy is just one year into wrestling and I was made to look the rookie! I was totally outclassed! If you get the opportunity, meet him. Completely reliable, safe and sane with a high pain threshold. This is one wrestling star in the making!

dadwrestle is recommended by Peteuk (12/29/2014)

I met Paul on my mats again yesterday he is a strong reliable and competitive man. He ensures both men enjoy the match looking forward to another roll in the new year

2014 l met Paul today he is still a big strong man.
We had a good hard battle on the mats and an enjoyable bout both ways

Peteuk is recommended by dadwrestle (12/29/2014)

After another long gap, I hit the mats with Pete again yesterday! Hes been hitting the gym in the meantime!! Bulked up on the shoulders and arms nicely! Added to his strength too. Always a good host; great mats to wrestle on. We are promised a rematch!
Met up with pete again after a long break. He's a great host, good mats to wrestle on! He's a big, tough guy, who wrestles hard. looking forward to a New Year rematch!

dadwrestle is recommended by Navyguy (12/15/2014)

Had a great 2 hour multiple submission wrestling match with dad wrestle at his flat in Lindon. Good back and forth wrestling with submissions about even both ways. Dont let him get on top of you. He's a big tough skilled wrestler with a lot of moves and a devastating punch. Nice large mat room in central London. Hospitable host and a great guy on and off the mats. Can't wait for a rematch on my next trip to London. Highly recommended.

Navyguy is recommended by dadwrestle (12/15/2014)

This was a match up easily arranged. What I didnt realise was that I would be facing a proper powerhouse of a wrestler. We had two solid hours of full on submission wrestling. Hes strong, tough and skilled on the mats and delivers an intense, fun and sane bout. If you agree to body punching, watch out! He's one hell of a puncher! Safe, sane and reliable. One of the best wrestlers I have met on my mats in a long time. Roll on his next visit to London!! 100% recommendation!

dadwrestle is recommended by Wrstlr1 (12/02/2014)

Highly recommend, after a few years met dadwrestle again and had a hot sweaty wrestle adapting to each others level of skill. He's a great guy on and off the mats, competitive but always safe, sane and skilled. I look forward to meeting up again.

Wrstlr1 is recommended by dadwrestle (12/01/2014)

After a few years, had the pleasure of wrestling this south coast bear again today! Good solid build, just the right attitude on the mats. Fun, safe and sane with a good imagination. Highly recommended! I look forward now to seeing much more of this wrestler!


urbanbear is recommended by dadwrestle (11/30/2014)

At pretty short notice from me, we agreed to meet up. This wrestler is a joy to take to the mats! Yes, he is a rookie, but he learns faster than any guy I have ever come across! By the end of our meet he was turning holds back on me we had practiced earlier on. He is an absolute natural as a submission wrestler, strong, tough, safe and sane. Off the mats, he has a great sense of humour and is a good conversationalist. This is a 100% quality!

dadwrestle is recommended by sid (11/28/2014)

November 2014
Had another great match with dadwrestle on his mats. What a great wrestler he is: big, strong and skilled. Our matches are always challenging and intense! Definitely want to meet him again for Round 3!!

I met this guy during my stay in London. Strong and skillfull wrestler always safe and sane. Nice guy both on and off the mats. Can fully recommend him! Like to wrestle him again!

sid is recommended by dadwrestle (11/21/2014)

November 2014:
No longer a rookie! Instead a muscled, strong, very skilled grappler!! We hit my mats and I discovered I was up against a wrestler with a very high pain threshold and an amoury of moves.A joy to wrestle: safe, sane, up for an intense, tough fight. I dont think I have enjoyed a submission bout so much in a long time. This is one top class, trained wrestler, ready to take the bout to whatever level you want. 100% recommendation, 5 star rating! Although I have to admit, I came out in second place, I cant wait for Round 3!!!!
I met this wrestler yesterday in London. He's totally reliable time wise, and a great guy on and off the mats. As a wrestler he's strong, tough and tenacious. Don't underestimate this "rookie"; given some more experience he will be a real challenge! I look forward to a rematch SOON!

dadwrestle is recommended by GermanFighterMMA (11/25/2014)

Met Paul on the mats in London for a while. This guy is strong, technical and has good stamina. Knows his stuff and is completely safe and sane. Match was ways to arrange and has a great sense of humour. Def would meet again, well recommended.

GermanFighterMMA is recommended by dadwrestle (10/06/2014)

I met this amazing wrestler a year or so back when he was visiting London! This is a top quality wrestler. Strong, skilled and tough, he delivers a great match on the mats. Safe and sane, but a serious contender! Not to be missed! 100% recommendation!!

dadwrestle is recommended by badladuk (8/04/2009)

Dadwrestle is fun, intense, playful and aggressive... we have lots of fun, mixing submission wrestling with a lot of gutpunching :) He can take some and dish out plenty - if you want a exciting, safe beating he's the DADDY!

badladuk is recommended by dadwrestle (11/19/2014)

It is REALLY GREAT NEWS that this amazing guy is well on the road to recovery! We have met in the past to wrestle. Muscled, strong, perfect wrestler's attitude, safe and reliable. We met for a good gut punching session today, and his arms and chest are looking AWESOME and he's only just back at the gym!! Here's to a full recovery! 100% recommendation! This guy is the tops!

dadwrestle is recommended by EdinGuy (1/26/2014)

It was great meeting up with dadwrestle. Enjoyable wrestling, he has a good set of mats. Sane, challenging and he is happy to share his knowledge. Great host.

EdinGuy is recommended by dadwrestle (11/04/2014)

It was a pleasure to meet up with this wrestler! Easy to fix time and date; totally reliable! On the mats he was strong and aggressive, a good hard, solid wrestle. He claims to be a novice, but he has some tricks up his sleeve! Safe sane, fun on mats; intelligent and interesting off them. Roll on round 2!
Have to report this wrestler is on CRACKING form! He took three straight submissions off me yesterday in what proved to be a hell of a fight! This guy is a first class wrestler. If you get the chance, take him on!


DavidBUK1 is recommended by dadwrestle (11/03/2014)

Despite a considerable weight advantage on my part, we enjoyed a good give and take match up at a Grapevine meet. Safe, sane and intelligent, this wrestler is fun to roll with. We intend to meet up again! Highly recommended!!


Big Des is recommended by dadwrestle (10/28/2014)

This guy REALLY reminded me of bigfoot!

dadwrestle is recommended by Squashlad (10/24/2014)

It's pretty intimidating taking on a guy who outweighs you by 32 lbs and has had 222 past opponents just here on Meetfighters alone! And yes, all that strength and experience certainly told, with him getting multiple submissions out of me from a wide arsenal of holds and techniques. But wrestling dadwrestle was a great, if punishing, experience - he's a true gentleman, welcoming and hospitable, and plays safe and respects limits, with an excellent spacious set up for wrestling. Don't let his age fool you! You'd never guess it and the man is still in great shape, with a lot of strength. Although he prefers competitive matches dadwrestle can certainly punish jobbers. Highly recommended and this jobber will be back for more.

Squashlad is recommended by dadwrestle (10/23/2014)

This is one first rate jobber! He can certainly take his punishment! Easy to fix a meet; safe, sane and reliable. Tough on mats, he delivers exactly what his profile says. Intelligent and good conversation off the mats, too. For a "newbie", he's a natural, I reckon....born for the mats! I had a great, fun evening...just hope he comes back for more! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


lottatoremascherato65 is recommended by dadwrestle (10/23/2014)

Yes, it was a mismatch in size, but it was a great give and take wrestle! This guy is tough, has a good attitude on the mats and really wants to wrestle!! He showed up when he said he would and is safe and sane. He calls himself a novice, but he is a natural on the mats! I really hope we get to face up again on the mats. Highly recommended.

dadwrestle is recommended by Chokeuk (10/20/2014)

Yeah decent bloke who gave a good challenge & worked up good sweat! Good person & great host......Round 2 will be on the cards for wrestle for the top! Highly recommended!

Chokeuk is recommended by dadwrestle (10/20/2014)

After a long time chatting regularly, we managed a quick meet today on my mats....and I wasn't disappointed! Reliable, safe and sane, this wrestler is stronger than he gives himself credit for. We worked up a good sweat and decided that this would be the first encounter! Others would definitely follow. I look forward to Round 2! Highly recommended!

dadwrestle is recommended by titchbear (10/19/2014)

Meet this guy few years back guy and safe would meet again

titchbear is recommended by dadwrestle (10/19/2014)

Meet this bear! He's fun on the mats!

dadwrestle is recommended by steve50a (10/16/2014)

Paul is a great guy to wrestle. Good fun too. Never a dull moment. You won't be disappointed.

steve50a is recommended by dadwrestle (10/16/2014)

This is one great guy to wrestle! We have met regularly over the years. Tough, strong, reliable, hes a skilled wrestler who enjoys the struggle on the mats. HIGHLY recommended!

dadwrestle is recommended by aton2001 (10/14/2014)

11.10.2014 New year new match! always happy to meet this great wrestler! *** 18.10.2013 thank for the match and the great fun we had. I am sure we will meet again next year

aton2001 is recommended by dadwrestle (10/19/2013)

Had the privilege of wrestling Anton yesterday! One of the best opponents I have ever faced!! Strong, quick, skilled but also fun on the mats. Good, strong body which he uses to great effect. Tough on the mats, good, interesting and fun conversation off the mats. REALLY hope I get the chance to face him again SOON! Highest recommendation!!

dadwrestle is recommended by TGA (10/13/2014)

Wrestler impressive and very big. It has been a good match !!! I hope to meet him again !!!

TGA is recommended by dadwrestle (10/11/2014)

I met this strong Italian today at Barnet! He might be new on the scene but he is one strong, aggressive and technical wrestler! He is safe and sane, too. He is determined on the mats and delivers a great match up. I hope I get to wrestle him again. He clearly is a natural who is learning very fast. He will be one formidable opponent!

dadwrestle is recommended by bristolskin68 (10/11/2014)

well what can i say when i asked if anyone was free to wrestle today bit short notice but hey i wasnt disappointed when i met the famous DADWRESTLE, ive known Dad for many years and this was our first meet, we had an introduction bout on the thursday evening then we wrestled on the mats on the mats on the friday, he was excellent he did not give me lee way he made me work for the match, and as he now knows i give it all i got , hes strong , knows his holds and makes you work , but hes fair to , it was a pleasure to grapple with him. and i interested in round two,
thankyou for your hospitality,
met today 11th october 2014 at barnet dad never disappoints hes strong and allows you to ensure you have a dam good wrestle, hes a lovely guy on and off the mats, always highly recommended and would def meet again

bristolskin68 is recommended by dadwrestle (7/05/2014)

It has taken a LONG while to fix a date to meet to wrestle! We have had some misunderstandings on the way. BUT we met on the spur of the moment and had a terrific session!! Don't be fooled by Ben's build...HE'S STRONG! He has great resisting power, and fought off submission attempts by me with determination. He looks good in gear, and delivers 100% on the mats. A formidable wrestler. I am ready and eager for Round 2! Don't miss your chance of facing up to this will not be disappointed!

dadwrestle is recommended by jobber1957 (10/05/2014)

I had another excellent meet with Dadwrestle again last night. It was good to meet 1-2-1 this time and I enjoyed a thorough workout with him. I took a fair amount of punishment and will look forward to some more again soon!

jobber1957 is recommended by dadwrestle (10/04/2014)

Good to meet up with this jobber man again! Genuine, reliable great guy who acts the jobber in style! He is fit and strong too. Safe and sane, he expects same of the rest of us! Highly recommended.

dadwrestle is recommended by sub-aqua (9/06/2014)

Confirmed a meet with dadwrestle after a panicky audit on the same day. Very glad I managed to make it!

Can only parrot what others have said, very strong and technical and extremely punishing when in control. Tried my hardest and managed only two subs to his 99.

All round top bloke, wouldn't hesitate to recommend to the few people who haven't met him yet. Will certainly meet again!

sub-aqua is recommended by dadwrestle (10/04/2014)

Second Meet: Full 3 hours of wrestling! this guy is fast, strong, agile and a GREAT opponent! Dont miss out on a chance to meet him. You wont be disappointed!
An almost last minute arrangement. Easy to make, reliable, good communication. Despite a huge weight difference this tiger gave me a great 2 hour non-stop wrestle! He packs a punch (if agreed before!) and takes a good beating. He's tireless, too...keeps on coming back for more! He might claim to be a jobber. but on the submission mats hes no pushover! He got some sneaky subs off me. Safe, sane, tough and fun! 100% recommendation!!


E17jobber is recommended by dadwrestle (10/03/2014)

This is one strong, hot, tough jobber! we have tangled before. Good to see him back on the mats ready to take a beating. He's a great guy, reliable, easy to fix a bout time and date. Always delivers a superb bout. 100% recommendation!


WolfinLondon is recommended by dadwrestle (10/03/2014)

Met this new guy on the wrestling scene yesterday! He was keen to meet; easy to fix a time and date; reliable. On mats he was tough and strong. watch out for his arms! This wrestler will be awesome once he has the moves under his belt! Highly recommended! Catch this rookie NOW!

dadwrestle is recommended by TheStrangler (9/29/2014)

I would like to recommend Dadwrestle (Mauler) because of his warm hospitality, but above all his skills on the mat. He does not mess about on the arena and anyone who fancies it should experience London's own AA. You wish to know more, keep an eye on my blog...

TheStrangler is recommended by dadwrestle (9/29/2014)

Mauler v Strangler! the first of a series of heavyweight clashes! This wrestler is a perfect build for an old style Brit Pro heavyweight! Strong, reliable, fun on and off the mats, hes not to be missed! He thought he would take me easily! Well, Strangler, time will tell! Now you know what you are facing, lets see how our next bout turns out, shall we?!
100% recommendation!!!

dadwrestle is recommended by brazilwrestler86 (9/24/2014)

Met dadwrestle fit a match in London! Great skillful strong fighter! Knows how to headlock an opponent! Just enjoyed the evening and the company! Top man to fight and grab a few beers!

brazilwrestler86 is recommended by dadwrestle (9/24/2014)

I certainly came up against one of the best when I stepped on to my mats with this wrestler!! Great physique, strong, and skilled, he delivered a tough but sane and safe match which was 100% enjoyable. Arrangements were made simply and easily. This guy is a must for those who are looking for a hard fought bout with an accomplished heavyweight. Pity there are not more like him in UK!! Off the mats, he is charming, intelligent and a fascinating conversationalist. All in all, one of the most challenging, expert wrestlers it has been my privilege to face! Roll on the next encounter!

dadwrestle is recommended by Vanman81 (9/17/2014)

This guy is damn strong and made me work really really hard for any subs I got.

His height makes him hard to throw to the mats and while standing his reach can keep you at bay for ages. When you get in close contact you know you are wrestling a very strong technical wrestler.

Once you are on the ground he moves really well for a big guy.

No hesitation in recommending him to any body, and I already want a rematch to take some revenge for the aches and pains I currently have.

Cheers mate.

Vanman81 is recommended by dadwrestle (9/16/2014)

This match up has been a long time in coming, but hell was it worth waiting for! Here is one tough, strong, skilled, sane submission wrestler!!He's a tank of a guy, with all the same attributes! We wrestled a good two hours, with almost even honours. Good clean wrestling. Off the mats, he's intelligent and a good conversationalist. This is a gold star 100% recommendation. Roll on the rematch!


bullfor50 is recommended by dadwrestle (8/25/2014)

ABSOLUTE powerhouse! Big monster who is GREAT to wrestle. We only had a short session on my mats, but I look forward to the rematch! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

dadwrestle is recommended by lancsguy (8/19/2014)

I met Dadwrestle at Rochdale for a good work out. This down to earth friendly guy was a pleasure to wrestle. He is strong and skilled and certainly no pushover. I had my work cut out and we both felt like we had done a few rounds by the end of it. I have no hesitation in recommending this experienced wrestler if you want a good work out with a nice guy.

lancsguy is recommended by dadwrestle (8/18/2014)

Now this guy is something else! Great body, strong, keen, safe and sane. Totally reliable, easy to set date. On the mats he is AWESOME! One of the best match ups I have ever had. He claims to be a beginner, but he is a natural on the mats. Off the mats he is fun to chat with, interesting and interested. I hope this was the first of many encounters! 100%+ recommendation, 5 STAR WRESTLER!!

dadwrestle is recommended by mstrongike (8/16/2014)

Real big dad he is .
Be aware of his big , strong biceps ! Although he is very reliable ; don`t unterratte them !
No dirty tricks IF you finally have managed to control him .
He can last his strenghts and air very long, so we did on his great, big wrestling floor with lots of space .
Searching for long pleasure fights ? , contact him and you can get `all` you want ,also recommended for small like me
He will let you on top for awhile as you deserve it by being active and have good wrestling intentions .

mstrongike is recommended by dadwrestle (8/12/2014)

Now don't be fooled by this guy! He might be a lightweight but he is fast, strong and tough! Easy to fix a bout with, reliable safe and sane. But also imaginative on the mats, a fiery opponent. Was a real pleasure wrestling this guy. He comes with 100% recommendation!

dadwrestle is recommended by little Tony (8/14/2014)

Had a great meeting after alot of chatting. He definitely knows his stuff and had me locked up alot - very safe despite the difference in stats. Would meet again :)

little Tony is recommended by dadwrestle (8/13/2014)

After ages chatting on line we finally got to meet up at Barnet. Despite weight difference we had a great set to on the mats. Reliable, safe, sane and fun. Watch out for the choke! He might call himself "little" but he is determined and kept on coming back for more! Really enjoyed my time on mats with this wrestler. Give him a go...he's learning fast! Highly recommended!

dadwrestle is recommended by Mister80 (8/13/2014)

Good impromptu wrestle. Sweaty grapple with a good mix of styles. Enjoyed it, cheers :)

Mister80 is recommended by dadwrestle (8/13/2014)

Sometimes the last minute arrangements prove to be the best encounters! We fixed a late evening meet on my mats. This wrestler showed up as arranged. He's a tough, nicely aggressive wrestler, out to win! Great body, strong and determined. Fun on and off the mats. Don't miss your chance to face this wrestler...he is no easy pushover, I tell you! Here's to Round 2! 100% recommendation.


JonRon is recommended by dadwrestle (8/10/2014)

Wrestled this beef at Clash of titans in USA years back. Safe, sane, as strong as an ox. Takes his punishment, but hell, does he dish it out too! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

dadwrestle is recommended by neiljenks (8/04/2014)

Real old school wrestler, hard as nails...plenty of give n take but a real gent on and off the mats. Highly recommended so don't miss out! seeing you again soon!!

neiljenks is recommended by dadwrestle (8/04/2014)

Tough old style Brit Pro wrestler! A great opponent, looks good in his gear. Delivers on the mats. 100% recommendation!


eurowrestler is recommended by dadwrestle (8/02/2014)

No idea why I haven't written this before! this guy is ONE OF THE BEST! We met at a group meet in Manchester and had some great times on the mats. Strong, skilled an A! wrestler!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

dadwrestle is recommended by gino950 (7/24/2014)

Paul has been my second experience with wrestling.
He is a gentleman on and off the mats an intelligent person with whom it is interesting also to establish a relationship of respect and friendship.
Highly recommended.

gino950 is recommended by dadwrestle (6/19/2014)

I had the pleasure of meeting this wrestler when he came to London. Yes, he is a beginner, but he is no pushover by any means! He is thoroughly reliable, safe and sane. He is deceptively strong, with great arms. Watch out for the tests of strength moves!! As he gains experience on the mats he will be a tough opponent. Interesting conversation off the mats, too. 100% recommended. We are going to fight again!!


dockbear is recommended by dadwrestle (7/02/2014)

Don't know why I haven't written a recommendation before for this hot bear! He loves his wrestling!! He's creative on the mats, has a great stocky bear build and is totally sane, safe and reliable! 100% recommendation!!


slammeruk is recommended by dadwrestle (6/18/2014)

June 2014, three great choke submissions out of me!
Time to edit this! As predicted, this wrestler is fast gaining in skill and strength! He has a mean side headlock and choke! Great fun to wrestle. He's getting the subs more and more!
Make sure you fix a wrestle with this guy! Hes strong, agile and determined!! we have met on mats many times and its always been a great tussle. Reliable, safe and sane.

dadwrestle is recommended by bearhugchris (6/04/2014)

I had an excellent bout with dadwrestle at my place at short notice. He arrived on time and was very friendly. Although we were different weights, the bout was very satisfactory and long and sweaty, which is what I like. I well recommend you meet up if you are in London as he has a mat room of his own.

bearhugchris is recommended by dadwrestle (6/02/2014)

This was a last minute arrangement! Despite the weight difference we had a great bout. This wrestler has a superb physique, is strong and has excellent stamina! We raised a good sweat, and traded some good submissions. This guy comes with the highest recommendations, as a host and as an opponent! Don't miss the chance of sampling his mats if you are in the South West! 100% real thing!!

dadwrestle is recommended by Swintonguy (5/28/2014)

Have wrestled Dadwrestle several times and he is always a very tough man on the mats and we have had some great contests. Look forward to trying you out again soon!

Swintonguy is recommended by dadwrestle (5/20/2014)

Nothing more to say than this wrestler is simply ONE OF THE BEST! Tough, aggressive, skilled, safe, sane, strong! Every session we have had has been a great wrestle. 100% recommendation. Only a pity we live so far apart!

dadwrestle is recommended by Dirtyfighter (5/24/2014)

The agreed rule was "no headshots" and we both took full advantage of the lack of other rules.

This is a tough man and he took every blow that I gave him (including one accidental punch to the back of his head).

I'd recommend Paul to anyone; especially if they are after a rough NHB match. He can give it out and take it.

May 23rd; Round two. Another bruising encounter with Paul. he must enjoy a pounding from these Geordie fists as he keeps coming back for more. And more. I had a great time and repeat that I'd recommend him to anyone for a NHB fight.

Dirtyfighter is recommended by dadwrestle (5/24/2014)

ROUND 2: Have to admit, this was an even better session than the first AND I have to admit I was beaten this time by the better man! Long hard sweaty full on scrap! Some great knees to the gut from him to me too! 100% genuine guy! Wrestles to agreed rules, safe n sane. GREAT GUY all round, on and off mats!

This was one of the best fights I've had! This guy has a great physique; broad shouldered, well muscled, strong! We agreed rules and fought by them. He punches HARD!!! he turned up exactly when he said he would; safe, sane reliable. fun guy off mats, really tough, mean and intense on them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We plan to fight again SOON!

dadwrestle is recommended by daveylad (5/06/2014)

Finally got a bout with dadwrestle at Barnet last weekend at a Grapevine meet (well actually 2 bouts).

I thoroughly enjoyed getting squashed by this big guy.
By prior agreement he gave my nips a few hard tweeks and also a few light gut punches which was all very that is an area I wish to explore.

Perfectly safe and sane at all times I know without any doubt that he must have played it easy with me in respect that I am still a novice at all of this.

I look forward to meeting him again and hopefully some time for a longer private session...!

Definitely recommend and will update after next meet up with him.

daveylad is recommended by dadwrestle (5/18/2014)

Met this lightweight at a Barnet Grapevine meet! Hes really getting into the wrestling scene big time and was even prepared to step on to the mats with me despite a big weight difference! He a plucky wrestler, who likes to punch too if agreed. Happy to recommend him, he'll turn up and fight!

dadwrestle is recommended by BSF (5/11/2014)

I'm always a bit unsure about wrestling guys where there is a weight difference - only from the point of view that if I get squashed it's not much fun for me or my opponent. This isn't true of dadwrestle who knows exactly how to work it so that both guys have a good match, which is what I had with him at Barnet. We traded gut punches in the bouts which I always enjoy and I'm looking forward to working him over harder(!) next time we meet.

BSF is recommended by dadwrestle (5/03/2014)

I met this star wrestler at a Grapevine meet today at High Barnet. He certainly delivers on the mats! Despite a considerable weight difference he came in hard and fast. We mixed in a few gut punches too, which was good. I cannot recommend this wrestler too highly! Safe, sane, fun, imaginative, tough with great staying power. Don't miss the opportunity of facing this wrestler on the mats!!

dadwrestle is recommended by oldscrapperderby (5/13/2011)

Lovely guy, known him for years, is safe and sane with a light guy like me, but loves the big guys too! I would recommend him to anyone, a very genuine guy.

oldscrapperderby is recommended by dadwrestle (5/04/2014)

After what seems years, got to wrestle my old opponent Den yesterday at Grapevine. He's as tough as he ever was! Happily comes on to the mats with me, a MUCH bigger guy, and tries some sneaky tricks, often successfully!! Don't miss a chance of stepping on to the mats with this tough wrestler!

No idea why I have no written this before! This guy is one of my longest standing wrestling mates! He a fun guy, totally reliable. Dont be fooled by his weight and size. He's tough and skilled on the mats. Packs a punch too if you are into that. Proud to call him a friend.

dadwrestle is recommended by BRITANNICUS (5/04/2014)

03:05:14 Time for an up-date. My first match with Paul some 18 months ago was entirely unplanned but what a lucky day that turned out to be. Since then we have met on eight subsequent occasions (at group meets and his London home) and everyone one has been an enjoyable and challenging experience; I always come away having learnt a little bit more. Paul has a good wrestling facility and is a welcoming host but most importantly he's a very good (and highly experienced) wrestler who will give lesser opponents (like me) a break to make the match mutually enjoyable. 101% recommendation - of course.

15.12.12: I met Paul today courtesy of PETEUK who together with YELP31 (who made a valiant effort despite being indisposed) taught me a number of useful holds and escapes; I only hope I can remember them. We wrestled for over 2 hours and had a really good workout (almost every part of me aches). No one was counting but I think I got 3 submissions (he was probably trying to encourage me) using what I was taught; these were paid back tenfold! Paul is a strong, knowledgeable and an experienced wrestler who was an absolute gentleman on the mats matching himself to my level while firmly putting me in my place. He could easily have used his size to his advantage but sportingly gave me a chance and as a result we both had an enjoyable afternoon. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending DADWRESTLE; if you are lucky enough to get the chance to meet him take it - you’ll benefit from the experience.

BRITANNICUS is recommended by dadwrestle (12/16/2012)

I always enjoy the challenge of a lighter, faster guy! Britannicus is new to the wrestling world but hes no rookie!! He's strong, determined and picks up moves quickly. He keeps on coming back for more with great intensity. He's a gent on and off the mats, reliable, safe and sane. I have requested a rematch....don't miss the chance of taking him to the mats...SOON!


topbrill is recommended by dadwrestle (4/22/2014)

Finally met up with this guy tonight! Totally reliable, easy to fix date and time. He's one strong, tough guy!! claims to be a beginner, but is a natural. Great wrestler physique, fast a furious on the mats. We had a tough, hard fought match up. Watch out for this wrestler...he's well worth meeting and is a real challenge. 100% recommendation!

dadwrestle is recommended by hugefan (4/09/2014)

April 14 My third visit to the kindly gentleman near Victoria who I fondly remembered serving cucumber sandwiches and earl grey after a gentle sporting contest on my previous visit. Wake Up! Bastard beat me up again ! He denies i am a beginner but as his first wrestle was with Noah i think I will always be a beginner compared to him (I feel that comment may induce a sulk but am I sorry?). But it was as before a great wrestle and for those of you looking for a challenge and the chance to learn do accept a challenge and if you are scottish - its also free but you need to take your own sandwiches ha ha.

Met dadwrestle for the second time tonight. Having a bit of a sore back i nearly cancelled but having discussed my ailment dw agreed he would take it easy and so he did - easy on my back, just worked over my neck and arms, he seems to particularly like one of my arms and i take it as a compliment that he likes to look at as he nearly breaks it ha ha. Musn't make him sound cruel because he is a lovely guy and I did get the odd moments revenge, he was also careful with my back and despite his flagrant disregard for the rules of a fair fight he is a gent if a very naughty one. He is also a fine wrestler and good company so if he asks you, do give him a go, you will be glad you did.

If you read one thing on my pages of waffle otherwise known as my profile please please read and believe that you must not be put off by the age of dadwrestle. I have friends my age who look older but more importantly his years have been spent learning how to wrestle so if you are serious about having a good wrestle and learning something about wrestling then jump at the chance of meeting this man.

Met at his place this morning and not only was he charming, good company and kind of dishy (oops shallow slip) he also illustrated what someone who knows what they are doing, can do and was good enough to give me tips on how I could apply holds better I was struggling to get on him, now if that's not generous i don't know what is. So ignore the age, gain from his experience and bask in his warmth. Oh dear, gone all poetic, how about - highly recommended you will have great fun and learn loads - simples.

hugefan is recommended by dadwrestle (4/09/2014)

Don't be fooled by the innocent approach! Strong, determined wrestler here. Over the year or so he's been wrestling he has picked up LOTS of technique, especially strong defense. We had a good hard wrestle, and he got some ace submissions off me...
Well, he used to call himself "only a beginner"! He can't use that excuse any more! Our second meet showed that this wrestler is fast gaining in technique and is using his powerful arms to good use. His defense is good and he regularly turned my attack to his advantage. As ever, good fun off the mats, with fun chat and conversation.
Don't bother with all the claptrap on the profile about weight! This is one tall, well built, strong guy who wants to wrestle! He has amazing upper body strength....great arms, too. And don't fall for the "I'm only a beginner" line!! He may be a rookie time wise, but he is picking up skill by the minute. Reliable, fun, safe and sane! We had a long, tough wrestle and the rematch is promised. Good sense of humour off the mats, too. SO...make sure you challenge this wrestler soon!

dadwrestle is recommended by londonoriental (4/07/2014)

Just joined the long line of past opponents of this skilled and experienced wrestler. It's taken quite some time to finally meet on the mats (he is also a great host) but it was worth it. Had a very challenging but very enjoyable submission match. There's nothing about this guy not to recommend... except perhaps his sneaky resumption of the match when you think you're getting up to set up the next bout... haha

londonoriental is recommended by dadwrestle (4/07/2014)

After a long time chatting, we at last met today! He might have been lighter than me, but this wrestler is strong, determined and much more skilled than he admits! Totally reliable, safe and sane, BUT a great opponent!! I really enjoyed our match up. Here's hoping we lock up again SOON!

dadwrestle is recommended by bullneck (3/24/2014)

My high respect for this highly experienced wrestler before our meeting was more than justified. He is a quick, skilled, clever and strong opponent - and very difficult to control on the mat. I highly recommended him to all those that are looking for a perfect challenge - you will get the powerful package with him. It will be a great pleasure and honour for me to meet this rough'n'tough fighting gentleman and perfect host soon again.

bullneck is recommended by dadwrestle (3/24/2014)

I had the great pleasure of hosting a short but intense session with this awesome wrestler! Bullneck lives up to his bull of a wrestler! He is very strong, fast and very skilled on the mats. He looks great in his gear and 100% delivers on the mats. Off the mats he is a highly intelligent, interesting and fun person!! I just hope that some day we manage to get longer on the mats together! I have no hesitation at all in recommending this wrestler! He packs a punch, too, if you want to box!

dadwrestle is recommended by wrestle fun (1/19/2011)

Met dadwrestle today, really nice friendly guy.
He's strong, more agile than he looks and a great wrestler who had a good counter defence for most of my moves and holds. Looking forward to wrestling with him again.

wrestle fun is recommended by dadwrestle (3/13/2014)

This wrestler is not to be missed! Good physique, totally reliable, sane and safe on mats, but tough, skilled wrestler with great stamina. I am looking forward to stepping on to mats with him again....soon!
After a long break and some missed opportunities we hit the mats again today! this is one little muscled tank of a wrestler! Strong, determined with lots of stamina. We had a good few hours sweating it out with submissions on both sides! Highly recommended!


Fighterman01 is recommended by dadwrestle (3/06/2014)

Fighterman is new to the wrestling scene but is by NO MEANS a rookie! He's a skilled wrestler, fast, strong and fun on the mats. It was straightforward to fix a mat session with him and he was reliable, safe and sane. If you get a challenge from this guy....accept! You will have a great time on the mats!

dadwrestle is recommended by tigered (2/25/2014)

Good guy, fun, hard, ruthless and a sizeable guy - yeah - I'll take him down again

tigered is recommended by dadwrestle (5/08/2013)

After a long wait, met this great wrestler today! He's strong, fit, skilled and imaginative on the mats!! We had a good, long, intense battle. Sane and safe, but tough and a perfect attitude!! Dont miss your chance of taking this tiger to the mats!

dadwrestle is recommended by zz9zza (2/21/2014)

A very accommodating host and a tough opponent, not to be underestimated.

zz9zza is recommended by dadwrestle (2/18/2014)

What can I say? Again, the pics do not lie! This guy is built to wrestle; huge arms and shoulders, and power behind them. In a very busy schedule, he made time to stop off for a mat session before heading north. Sane, safe, reliable, good conversation off the mats. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A great opponent!

dadwrestle is recommended by WrestlerUK (8/16/2012)

Literally what can you say about Dadwrestle, which hasn't already been said. His a totally Gent, until you're on the mats and heed this warning DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIM ! at your peril if you do. Totally safe & sane guy, who has forgotten more about wrestling then I'll ever know, a true expert. Great fun on and off the mats and can't wait for round 2 !

WrestlerUK is recommended by dadwrestle (2/19/2014)

Had pleasure of taking this big lad down again! He's big and he's mean, but the "dad" still took him down!
Now, here's a strong guy! Dont let him tempt you into a finger-interlock...there's huge power in his shoulders and arms. Reliable, safe and sane. Yes, he's a novice wrestler, but he's up for a good tough encounter and is certainly no pushover. If you get the chance, take him to the mats. Roll on the rematch!


PrimalChaos is recommended by dadwrestle (2/11/2014)

I had the privilege of wrestling this guy today!! The pictures do not lie. He had a powerful muscled frame and looks the perfect grappler. We had a great three way bout, plenty of hard, sweaty action. Sane, safe and reliable; a challenge on the mats; an interesting and sparky conversationalist off the mats. I could not have asked for a better way to spend an afternoon! Highly recommended actually sounds too tame!

dadwrestle is recommended by badjayson (2/10/2014)

It was my first time wrestling someone and Paul was ever so kind to take me on.

I was no match for his strength and skill. I'm so sure he went easy on me. He even took the time to share a few moves.

It was a good session, I enjoyed it so much I didn't realize we were wrestling for a few hours.

To sum it up, all I'll say is thank you Paul for being so kind and patient, look forward to round 2'

badjayson is recommended by dadwrestle (2/10/2014)

I am delighted to be able to write this wrestler's first recommendation! It took a time to fix a date, but he was totally reliable. Don't be fooled by his size. He is a tiger! He is determined on the mats, a natural wrestler. He's in good shape, strong, with stamina for a long, hard fight! We wrestled submission, and despite the weight and height difference he claimed some crafty subs! A most enjoyable, fun encounter. Roll on the next meet!


Pie R SQ is recommended by dadwrestle (2/04/2014)

WOW! Every now and again you meet a REAL challenge! This guy is one such fighter! Arms and shoulders like a Sherman tank! He's strong, fast when he wants to be and skilled. This guy is straight but wants to wrestle! We fought hard for an hour or two and I was well and truly taught a lesson! Round 2 promised soon! this guy is not to be missed by those looking for a good, safe but competitive heavyweight challenge1 A delight to meet1

dadwrestle is recommended by walrus (1/30/2014)

I had a wrestle with him in a hotel room. Big strong man, we had a good tussle and i could tell we were both enjoying it. He did try to wind me with some belly splashes but didnt, instead i enjoyed them. Very nice gentleman, really glad i met him and will meet him again soon hopefully

walrus is recommended by dadwrestle (1/31/2014)

Met this BIG guy for a brief but satisfying hotel scrap! Totally reliable safe and sane opponent! Next time we meet on the mats for the next heavyweight CLASH!

dadwrestle is recommended by bushchub (4/14/2013)

Talk about baptism of fire. I can hardly move. Dadwrestle is one hell of a wrestler. So strong, so fast and so inventive. Fantastic guy off the mats too. Very patient with my lack of knowledge. There will be a return bout.... oh yes.

bushchub is recommended by dadwrestle (1/22/2014)

Now I have to admit, this bruiser beat me tonight! He was on TOP FORM! Went in for the kill! Beware though, bushchub, REVENGE IS SWEET!
Now this is a real Brit Pro heavyweight! We met tonight for the first time. He's a rookie, but as strong as an ox! Great power in his upper body. Just wait until he's picked up some tricks....he will be even more of a handful! Really nice guy off the mats too!!

dadwrestle is recommended by WillLondon (1/08/2014)

I couldn't have asked for a more gracious opponent for my very first match. He really went out of his was to ease my nerves and talked me through some of the basics, complimenting and correcting as necessary. I really enjoyed it and am very grateful for the help in taking the first step. He's a really nice guy, safe and sane, rookies be unafraid.

WillLondon is recommended by dadwrestle (1/08/2014)

I met Will tonight! He's starting out on this game. He was strong and determined, and looked great in his gear. He got stuck in on the mats straight away, and was a quick learner. Safe, sane and reliable. Fun on and off the mats! Don't miss out on the opportunity of wrestling this rookie....he's good! Round 2 soon I hope!

dadwrestle is recommended by Rik (12/12/2013)

When I arrived at Dadwrestle’s place, he was already fully kitted up and could hardly wait to have me on the mat. So it was the quickest start I ever had for a match. It was great fun to wrestle with this big and experienced guy and we both had our moments of dominating and submitting. Which was good and fun. Unfortunately this guy uses dirty tactics sometimes to get out of holds which is really a pity… NOT :-) No I adapted to his dirty tactic wrestle style which was fun and I was happy to learn a couple of new things from him. Interesting guy, great host and a very enthousiastic wrestler ! 100 % recommendation !

Rik is recommended by dadwrestle (12/12/2013)

WOW! One thing this man cannot claim to be is a novice, even though he has been wrestling a short time!! We has a fast, furious and fun time on the mats. He is very strong, with a hard muscled body that he uses to great effect. Here is an opponent who truly loves wrestling, is committed to the sport and wants to carry on learning. Safe, sane, totally reliable. On the mats he's a tiger; off them he is an intelligent fun, interesting guy, with great conversation. It was a delight meeting and wrestling him. 100% recommended!!


matmanuk is recommended by dadwrestle (12/09/2013)

Now here is a wrestler!! It has taken a long while to fix a meet, but it was well worth waiting for! Here is a skilled, trained wrestler, strong, agile and built. He insures that his opponent enjoys the bout, while stretching him to his limits. I got just a few subs off him, but you can guess who came out on top! This wrestler is a MUST for those looking for a tough, big solid opponent. Can't wait for the rematch!! Good company off the mats, too.

dadwrestle is recommended by jamstu (1/06/2012)

This guy is a good hard wrestler, nice guy off the mats and mean tough guy on them, really enjoyed our meets and would take any opportunity to meet him again, well worth the experience

jamstu is recommended by dadwrestle (11/30/2013)

Totally overpowered and outclassed on our last meet yesterday!
No idea why I haven't posted a recommendation before! This guy is WELL worth meeting. Big and tough, but safe and sane! Roll on our next encounter on mats!

dadwrestle is recommended by Sir David (11/28/2013)

Round 2, Nov 27 2013– Was intended to be a hard wrestle between the big man and the big fella, but due to a non-wrestling injury we were unable to have the wrestle we both wanted. And as I didn't want Dadwrestle to have a wasted journey, we had a light roll around, which still turned into a big struggle.

Round 3 for the decider bout, this time its in the ring, all out war.---

well what can i say about this bout. Last minute but well worth it, told me he would be in charge but like the big man says, this story isnt over,,,,,not for a long shot paul ha ha
see u next time

Sir David is recommended by dadwrestle (11/28/2013)

Round 2:sadly we couldn't fight with the intensity we wanted as this guy had a nasty injury to his leg from a work related incident. That said, it was a tough, hard battle! So the "decider" will come later! But we KNOW who will win!!
Met this wrestler today in a last minute arrangement. After a lot of chat on line, he delivered on the mats! Hes keen, keeps on coming back for more, and was safe and sane to grapple! I suspect the story isnt over!!!

dadwrestle is recommended by RassleBrawl (11/27/2013)

Dadwrestle is a great man to wrestle against, he knows his moves and refuses to give.
I was a total novice when I met him, he taught me some moves, and is a great man on and off the mats


dadwrestle is recommended by Wrestling Chef (11/10/2013)

Met Dadwrestle for a hard sweaty match. With the weight difference I was the under dog but put up a hard fight. He is a kind individual off the mats but a raging bull on them. He definitely does not like his opponent getting the better of him and gets very defensive. That said it was a good match. I recommend him if in London. Will meet up next time I'm visiting.

Wrestling Chef is recommended by dadwrestle (11/11/2013)

After some time trying to be in in the same place at the same time, we made it work! We had a good, energetic wrestle on my mats. This wrestler is strong and keen, and gathering experience quickly. Fun on and off the mats!! Reliable and sane! It was a sweaty, intense match up which I hope will be repeated SOON!!

dadwrestle is recommended by CockFistFiteM2m (11/01/2013)

Met Dadwrestle while passing through London and he keeps to his word and on time. Had a full on NHB wrestle with the guy but totally respect limits and safe. He can take everything you can throw at him and he’s very aggressive on the mats but still in a safe way. Be careful if he gets on top of ya as he knows how to handle his weight well.. and can punch him and bruise him up but the guy still keeps comin’ at ya and he just won’t back down. If you want a wrestle or a full on rough NHB wrestle with limits respected, he’s the guy to tangle with. Have to make sure I have a rematch soon!

CockFistFiteM2m is recommended by dadwrestle (10/29/2013)

Should have written this some time back! after lots of planning we met in London. Totally reliable guy! Had a full on NHB wrestle, with plenty of body punching. GREAT FIGHT! Great fighter! Highly recommended! Roll on the return bout!


gedlutte1 is recommended by dadwrestle (10/27/2013)

Should have put up a recommendation for this fighter years back! Tough, strong, nice attitude on mats or in ring! Gives a good account of himself.


wresadam is recommended by dadwrestle (9/28/2013)

Not sure why I haven't written this recommendation before! Here's a big, solid, tough opponent who just loves to grapple. We have had some close fought sessions on the mats. Don't miss out on this guy, he's safe, sane and great fun. Good imagination too!

dadwrestle is recommended by wjones (9/26/2013)

If you were in London and failed to wrestle this man, you have no idea what you have missed.
The name, "dadwrestle" says it all: he is a dad type who genuinely likes to wrestle. (Can it get any better ?!...) His enthusiasm on the mats is overwhelming, with aggression to match it !!! Indeed, he is aggressive, but in an immensely pleasant and exciting way. He is NOT disrespectful by any means. The fact that he never backs up from challenges, and gets quite creative when he wrestles, is a part of the fun game. Furthermore, there is a lot more to him than just wrestling. He is a true classy English Gentleman, with playful and intelligent wit, which tremendously enhances not only the wrestling encounter, but also the whole experience of meeting him and getting to know him. If you were lucky enough to experience and appreciate this side of his character, you might understand why he is this popular, as evident from all the raving reviews he has received. Must I be redundant and emphasize that regardless your skill level, age, and size, you should not miss the opportunity to meet "dadwrestle" on the mats (and perhaps off the mats), by any means !!!

wjones is recommended by dadwrestle (9/28/2013)

I first noticed this guy's pics! Then we got chatting. Then a trip to UK was planned, and it all rolled out from there. But the pics only told half the story! Here is a pocket tank of a wrestler, well built, solid, muscled. He's skilled, fast and determined on the mats, eager to teach and coach and share his expertise. He is 100% reliable, safe and sane. Off the mats he is sociable and full of knowledge. He has wide interests, and loves to chat and get to know his opponent.
Watch out, this is one HOT wrestler! Accept his challenge when it comes!

dadwrestle is recommended by wolfman (9/26/2013)

dadwrestle is a great guy, big strong and knows the moves. We have had two fights already and I'm looking forward to the third. Great host, nice friendly guy.

wolfman is recommended by dadwrestle (9/19/2013)

Round 2! He's back on the mats as tough and strong as ever! next time he tells me he's going to take me down! GREAT GUY! Don't miss your chance to wrestle him!
Big guy with a great build! Tough, strong and energetic. It's taken us a long time to lock up on the mats, but was well worth waiting for. Sane, safe and reliable. Roll on Round2!!

dadwrestle is recommended by MikeUK (8/31/2013)

I was a bit apprehensive due to the size difference. But I needn't have worried. Paul is a fun wrestle, and knows how to pace it at your level. A formidable opponent, and a great guy too.

MikeUK is recommended by dadwrestle (8/29/2013)

Despite the weight difference, we had a great bout! This guy packs a good punch too!! Sane, safe, reliable....strongly recommended.

dadwrestle is recommended by Sportsfanatic (8/20/2013)

I always enjoy wrestling Paul as he is strong and determined and good fun off the mat. Great at group meets as he makes sure everyone gets on the mat and has a good time. See you soon.

Sportsfanatic is recommended by dadwrestle (5/05/2013)

Have wrestled this guy a few times now! He's a GREAT challenge! Keen and tough, he has good stamina. Dont miss the chance of hitting the mats with him. I look forward to our next session!

dadwrestle is recommended by londonnovice (7/30/2013)

For Jobbers looking for a WOS style heel this is your man. Safe sane and reliable.

londonnovice is recommended by dadwrestle (7/29/2013)

We have met twice now for a heel/jobber session! Totally safe sane and reliable. Good trim cyclist's body. Highly recommended!

dadwrestle is recommended by Rugby guy (7/24/2013)

Dadwrestle is an excellent wrestler - a beast on the mats but a gentleman off mats. Don't think he was expecting my armbar which made him
Submission even sweeter. Highly recommended.

Rugby guy is recommended by dadwrestle (6/07/2013)

We wrestled for the first time yesterday after a long time chatting. I was not disappointed! Strong, determined with a great attitude on the mats. He claims he hasn't wrestled much, but he has some good moves in his arsenal!! Reliable, safe and sane. I hope and trust that this was the first of a series of match ups!

dadwrestle is recommended by Mark uk (7/18/2013)

18 July 13. Met Paul at his place tonight and wasn't sure what to expect. Well i was pleasantly surprised, not only is he a great wrestler and tough but he made me work hard for every sub. Now for those guys that don't want to wrestle older guys then your missing out. If i can still wrestle like Paul at when I am 61 then i will be a happy man. Was a great evening both wrestling and chatting. Nice one Paul, thank you

Mark uk is recommended by dadwrestle (7/18/2013)

Its quite hard to find the superlatives to use to describe this wrestler! We have waited quite some time before we have been able to fix a meet. Mark was reliable, safe and sane. But that's only the start. He is skilled, strong and great fun to wrestle. He adjusts to your level to make the bout enjoyable for both. He looks great in gear, and the pics do not lie! he has a hard, muscled wrestlers physique. All in all one of the best encounters I have ever had!! Thank you! Good conversation, too, after the bout.

dadwrestle is recommended by bigt730 (6/19/2013)

Met dadwrestle yesterday after what seemed to be forever chatting, and I am glad to say the trip over was well worth it, he is an awesome guy, who certainly knew his stuff. He is totally safe and sane and respects limits. As dadwrestle has already mentioned is was a sweat soaked afternoon and I was totally puffed out, but it was a totally great experience and I cannot recommend him highly enough! Lookingt forward to our next match!

bigt730 is recommended by dadwrestle (6/18/2013)

After a long time chatting we at last hit the mats! This is one big guy! But he's safe, sane and totally reliable. Was great fun wrestling...pretty sweat drenched encounter. We are signed up for the return bout, I am glad to say!

dadwrestle is recommended by Lomandlad42 (6/03/2013)

Had a great bout with dadwrestle, was a bit wary given stat difference but had an awesome first match of the day, this guy is big, strong and lethal when he gets you on the ground, managed to hold my own and were surprisingly evenly matched with subs both ways. A sound guy off the mats, total gentleman, but a beast on them.....Deffo gonna take you up on the invite down for round two mate.....cheers :-)

Lomandlad42 is recommended by dadwrestle (6/02/2013)

Every now and again you meet a new wrestler who is a rare treat to fight...THIS GUY IS ONE OF THOSE! Fast, strong, determined on the mats, watch out for his killer leg scissors. Off the mats, a fun person to chat with, on the mats one hell of a wrestler! I look forward to facing him again SOON!

dadwrestle is recommended by ceefa99 (6/02/2013)

Had a great time wrestling with this guy at the Nottingham meet, big strong guy who was happy to adapt to a smaller less experienced wrestle. Thanks

ceefa99 is recommended by dadwrestle (6/02/2013)

Wow, great to meet a new wrestler with such skill, determination and energy! We meet for the first time at a Grapevine meet. Despite the weight difference he readily agreed to wrestle. He's strong, fun to fight, great staying power and a good technician. I had my work cut out! GREAT PLEASURE to wrestle him....hope we face up on the mats again SOON!

dadwrestle is recommended by Scrapin guy (6/02/2013)

Great wrestle with some nice body punches and bearhugs, respectful of limits hope to wrestle him again.

Scrapin guy is recommended by dadwrestle (6/02/2013)

Met this wrestler at a Grapevine meet for the first time. He's fun and safe to wrestle, learning new techniques as he goes along! We had a good long scrap, and I hope we meet again soon!


beefyprowrestler is recommended by dadwrestle (6/02/2013)

Here's a good, old style, beefy Brit Pro grappler! We tangled in the ring at Pippa's! Great guy, not to be missed! Now hes taken on a new persona as a submission wrestler too! GREAT opponent!


bassman is recommended by dadwrestle (5/20/2013)

No idea why I haven't written a recommendation for this wrestler before! We fought regularly when I lived in the north. He's a strong, reliable tough opponent! Wrestles with intensity which is very exciting!! Great guy on and off the mats. Cant wait to lock up again!!

dadwrestle is recommended by northy49 (4/27/2013)

This guy is hot, very strong, and a great personality. look forward to getting him to submit and take orders from me

northy49 is recommended by dadwrestle (4/08/2013)

This guy may be new to the wrestling scene but he is strong and determined! He's out to learn fast!! He's totally reliable, safe and sane, good fun on and off the mats. Watch out for the legs...powerful! challenge this wrestler and you wont be disappointed.

dadwrestle is recommended by GrappleFun (4/16/2013)

A great guy off the mats, and a demon on them!! Safe and sane and nice and competitive - and he knows his stuff! A strong guy who looks good in trunks - I did manage to get a couple of subs though...!! A perfect host too. I look forward to the next time...!!

GrappleFun is recommended by dadwrestle (4/15/2013)

Had a great session with this guy today! Handsome man, looks good in his gear.Strong, reliable, safe n sane! We realised we had met a few years back. He is fun on and off the mats. Don't miss your chance to meet him. You won't be disappointed.

dadwrestle is recommended by MEGRAPPLE (4/14/2013)

Met "Dad Wrestle" on his mats for a Friday rumble. Last time we meet he equalised and the score was even. Arrived Friday to gain the advantage and could'nt lets his well experience wrestler beat me again. I was out to prove I wasn't a push over. After an hours powerful, sweaty and intents wrestle, and after plenty of submission later. My job was done and I was victor. But had to continuing attack and defend myself from this experience man.
"Dad wrestle" is a guaranteed conpetative wrestle. Never under estimate this wrestler. If you do he will use it to his advantage and win the match.
Will meet again in the future for sure, and encourage you to take on and experience the skill and ability "Dad wrestle"!!!

MEGRAPPLE is recommended by dadwrestle (4/13/2013)

Rematch was GREAT!! We met on my mats yesterday.This guy gets tougher and tougher to handle on mats! We had a long, sweaty submission wrestle which was pretty even! A pleasure to wrestle.
After a long period trying to plan a meet we finally locked up yesterday afternoon, and it was WORTH WAITING FOR! This guy is tough, strong, reliable and skilled. He delivered a good even wrestle to multiple submission. The next meet cannot come soon enough! Don't miss the chance of taking this guy to the mats!

dadwrestle is recommended by Tanker (4/12/2013)

Well this is one of the great Characters of British Wrestling, big strong skilled , a heel from central casting(But safe & sane)
He used to be called Mauler Paul which perfectly describes his wrestling style & I think he should still use that name ( its just so HIM!! LOL) When I first started out, he was one of the people who befriended & encouraged me & is one of the nicest & funniest people you can meet. He won't waste your time. you must wrestle him.

Tanker is recommended by dadwrestle (4/12/2013)

no idea why I haven't done this before! Tanker is an old wrestling foe LOL! He looks great in gear and is tough in the ring or on the mats. He's thoroughly reliable,strong, safe and sane. he has lots of experience and is a fun guy to be around. WRESTLE HIM!

dadwrestle is recommended by small gladiator (4/05/2013)

I have wrestled with dadwrestle a number of times and all of them have been good fun with technical skills and ability used rather than his sheer size. He respects limits and adapts so that even small guys like can have good have fun without the risk of injury. I look forward to another session with him soon.

small gladiator is recommended by dadwrestle (3/12/2011)

Definitely worth meeting this little power house! Don't underestimate his skill either!

dadwrestle is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (3/11/2013)


ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by dadwrestle (3/11/2013)

After many years of chatting we hit the mats (again) last night! It was a privilege to wrestle this guy! He has a great physique, is skilled, fast, strong safe and sane. It was a tough encounter which I really enjoed. I look forward to the next time. hoping that it isnt so long a wait! Accept the challenge if offered!

dadwrestle is recommended by Ruffbear7 (2/24/2013)

Outstanding wrestler, solid, strong, easy going. We just went right to it and had a blast. Matches like this are why I keep coming back for more.

Ruffbear7 is recommended by dadwrestle (2/23/2013)

Been hoping to face this bear for some time! Got my chance at Wrestlefest and wasnt disappointed! He lives up to his name...big, strong, tough! we had a good hard sweaty grapple. Strongly recommended!

dadwrestle is recommended by Rassle4Fun (2/24/2013)

After years of chatting, since Paul comes from the other side of The Pond, we finally met at Wrestlefest NYC and had a blast wrestling a hot slow pace submission match. Paul is worth the effort to meet him as he is a great man to have FUN. Yes I will be looking forward to the REMATCH!

Rassle4Fun is recommended by dadwrestle (2/23/2013)

After lots of chat and banter we finally got to wrestle in NYC! This is one hot opponent! Hes strong, skilled and fun on the mats! He'e reliable, turns up when he says he will. We had a long sweaty tussle. Would love to fix a rematch!!!


NYwrestlerman is recommended by dadwrestle (2/23/2013)

This is one feisty lightweight! He NEVER gives up! He's strong, determined and skilled. We wrestled for a long time and he just kept coming back for more! Was a great bout. HIGHLY recommended...and don't be put of by his weight!


Syrwrestler is recommended by dadwrestle (2/23/2013)

We met at Wrestlefest! simply one of the best. great body, strong, skilled patient with less skilled opponent. Would have been good to meet on mats, but not possible. HIGHLY recommended...a true wrestling gentleman!


lkg4oldr3 is recommended by dadwrestle (2/23/2013)

We fixed to meet in NYC during Wrestlefest. Didn't know what to expect. But this is one AWESOME wrestler!! Strong, skilled with a great physique, his one tough opponent! Handsome guy, too. Next time, we fight on mats! Guys, if this wrestler challenges you, say YES!


yonkerswrangler is recommended by dadwrestle (2/23/2013)

Met this wrestler at NYC Wrestlefest! He's a great guy! Fun on and off the mats. Safe, sane and reliable! Big, strong guy who loves to wrestle!

dadwrestle is recommended by robroyscotland (2/17/2013)

Met this lovely big guy a few years back - a total mismatch but it worked well - my 'tuff and determined little guy with a chip on his shoulder' attitude seemed to do the trick. Our joint-enthusiasm for wrestling and aggression made it a hot meet! Looking forward to a rematch!

robroyscotland is recommended by dadwrestle (11/10/2012)

Met this star some years back now! We are fixing a time to fight aggain. If its half as good as last time it will be WELL worth the wait. He's strong, determined and great to wrestle!

dadwrestle is recommended by tricky (2/03/2013)

Great to be able to wrestle these guys at a Grapevine meet. Dadwrestle was always going to be a tough opponent, but he gave me a good workout. Friendly and safe, and would feel comfortable in another match.

tricky is recommended by dadwrestle (2/03/2013)

Wrestled this guy at a Grapevine meet at High Barnet. Great to take him to the mats! Safe, sane and eager to wrestle! I look forward to wrestling him again SOON!


caveman is recommended by dadwrestle (2/03/2013)

After many years break we met again at a Grapevine meet at High Barnet! He's as skilled and fun to take to the mats as ever. Highly recommended!


RugbyBear is recommended by dadwrestle (1/14/2013)

Met this ripped guy year back for a good hard wrestle! He looks great in gear, and delivers "on the mats"! Safe, sane, tough, fun opponent!


paul london 150lb is recommended by dadwrestle (1/11/2013)

Had been chatting for a long time about a meet, and at last we have made it! Good heel v jobber tussle!! Watch out for his strong legs, guys! We got up a good sweat, and this definitely was Round 1 of many more! Totally reliable time wise, good company on and off the mats.


Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by dadwrestle (1/11/2013)

Can't believe there isn't a recommendation from me on here! Have wrestled this little pitbull over the years and EVERY fight has been GREAT! He's tough and verbal before the meet; and he delivers 100% on the day. Reliable safe and sane, but a real handful! Got well and truly beaten this last time, but a REMATCH is promised!! This guy is a star! Don't miss out on taking him to mats.

dadwrestle is recommended by Warkscub (1/08/2013)

Had the pleasure of meeting Paul yesterday. He's a great guy, powerful, strong, very skilled wrestler but totally safe and sane - got some amazing holds which will really test you but also respects limits. He's also a really genuinely nice guy who loves his wrestling and enjoys having fun as the big bad heel! Highly recommended and hope for a rematch!

Warkscub is recommended by dadwrestle (1/08/2013)

REALLY enjoyed locking up with this great heavyweight on his mats! We had a perfect Brir Pro session, he looks good in the gear and delivers on the mats. Definitely safe and sane, and the perfect host! Rematch will follow soon, I hope!! Dont miss out on this Midlands rassler!

dadwrestle is recommended by Zubby21 (1/07/2013)

Paul is a great guy thanks to his encouragement I finally stepped into the a ring for the first time ever! Met him at the Jan '13 Grapevine event we had two matches and they were both great.Looking forward to another one!

Zubby21 is recommended by dadwrestle (1/06/2013)

If you just happen to be in the north of England make sure you take this guy on! He's quiet off the mats but tough, strong and determined on them. He took my by surprise just how resistant he was in a hold. Great body which he uses to effect! I trust that we shall face each other again SOON !!

dadwrestle is recommended by readyforit (12/21/2012)

dadwrestler was all I had hoped for and more. An excellent, tough heel, yet versatile, imaginative and attuned to his opponent's strength, size and wrestling skills. A rematch in the new year is a given.

readyforit is recommended by dadwrestle (12/21/2012)

After some nervousness on his part about weight difference, I met this great guy to wrestle. He is fast and strong, good fun on the mats. He is reliable safe and sane. By no means a rookie or a jobber!! Excellent company off the mats too. Intelligent, bright and personable. I hope we will fight again soon! Highly recommended!

dadwrestle is recommended by fghtr68 (12/21/2012)

During a recent holiday, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dadwrestle in London. This man is tops. He has a great mat space, is very hospitable, and is a great wrestler with remarkable strength to boot. Seek him out if you are travelling to London, you won't be disappointed.

fghtr68 is recommended by dadwrestle (12/14/2012)

Wrestled/fought this tank in London! Hes a tough opponent! He can pack a punch if you agree to body punching. Well worth locking up with. we have promised a rematch...I hope it will be soon.


animal is recommended by dadwrestle (12/20/2012)

Another great lighter opponent! "Animal" lives up to his name! Strong, great muscled body, keen and intense on the mats. But he's safe and sane, wrestling to agreed rules. Turned up on time, good company off mats. This wrestler is highly recommended! Rematch planned.

dadwrestle is recommended by Essexwrestler (12/03/2012)

Met dadwrestle and had an absolute blast on his mats.
Time always seems to fly by when your having a good meet.
Was a bit of a weight advantage, but he used his techniques and skill to make this one of my best matches to date.
Very skillfull wrestler and made me feel very welcome as soon as I arrived.
Managed quite a few moves on him and was a great give n take match for part of it.
Safe and sane, top guy both on and off the mats and another meet is definately on the cards.
Challenge him and meet him.
You will not be disappointed.

Essexwrestler is recommended by dadwrestle (12/04/2012)

Here's another GREAT discovery in the lighter guys! Had one hell of a mat session with this wrestler on my mats. He's keen, fast and furious. Just what you need in a perfect bout! Fun on and off the mats. Reliable and sane. We are going to face up again SOON I hope. Don't miss your chance of taking this Essex boy to the won't be disappointed!!

dadwrestle is recommended by yelp31 (11/26/2012)

dadwrestle is a complete nice guy strong skillfull who uses his tecnique rather than his wieght and was a pleasure too wrestle

yelp31 is recommended by dadwrestle (11/26/2012)

Now this might have been a catchweight competitive wrestle, but it proved one of the best grapples I have ever had!! Here's a completely reliable guy, who turns up on time. He's VERY skilled on mats, as fast as lightning, and a first class opponent. hes strong, with good stamina, and is fun on and off the mats. Don't be fooled by his size...this is one awesome wrestler! I look forwrd to many more sessions on the mats!

dadwrestle is recommended by Mr Wrestling (11/19/2012)

Had a great wrestle with dadwrestle really nice guy, very strong and fit. It was a pleasure to meet him and I do hope we meet again.

Mr Wrestling is recommended by dadwrestle (11/19/2012)

Met this great guy today for the first time! I was not disappointed! He looks great in gear, tough, strong and fit and up for a good hard wrestle. He claims to be a novice, but dont be fooled, he's a natural. There really has to be a rematch...SOON!


friar155 is recommended by dadwrestle (11/10/2012)

Known this guy for years! Great fun on the mats, fast and strong for his size! Miss my bouts with him!

dadwrestle is recommended by wrestledadbc (11/10/2012)

wrestled dadwrestle a few time and I hope to again. He is tough, strong aggressive and gives a good match. He can give as good as he can take. He is safe, very reliable and a nice guy .

wrestledadbc is recommended by dadwrestle (11/10/2012)

No idea why I have not posted a recommendation for Fred before! He's a skilled, tough opponent on the mats who ALWAYS delivers a good challenge!! TOTALLY reliable, safe and sane. I look forward to our next battle!


wrestlebear is recommended by dadwrestle (10/17/2012)

Have tangled with this wrestling bear at meets in UK! He's a great opponent on mats, especially in a Brit Pro bout. Don't miss the chance to take him on. He's reliable, safe and sane and FUN to wrestle!!

dadwrestle is recommended by gures (9/30/2012)

Had the wonderful pleasure of locking up with this beefy, strong, powerful English bloke for a great wrestling match at the north end of London. He has a massive beefy belly and loves trading rough gut punches. He is very skilled and tough on the mat too. He took care of booking a private wrestling studio with mats which had a shower room. Don't get fooled by his gentleman demeanor, he's a rough n tough grappler who will test your skills. Look forward to more matches in the future buddy!

gures is recommended by dadwrestle (8/28/2012)

Had the chance to lock up with this guy while he was in London. He may be short, but he's a pocket tank!! Great solid build, well muscled and strong. He's a skilled wrestler and takes some handling on the ground. He uses his weight well. Perfect opponent, considerate and fun. Be warned, he packs a punch if you agree to gut punching! I can't wait for the return bout!

dadwrestle is recommended by Pitbull (9/01/2012)

Met paul on two previous occasions when i was just a rookie he took me down a peg or two with his strength and skill both very enjoyable matches. Fast forward 2 years to aug 2012 for a rematch at barnet and had a battle and half. Hard intense wrestle with plenty of subs on both sides paul is a gentleman skilled and strong .great fella on and off the mats

Pitbull is recommended by dadwrestle (9/01/2012)

Here's a tough star to take on! Safe, sane, eager to wrestle. He has great stamina, and don't underestimate him....rookie he may be , but the Pitbull is learning fast!! REMATCH August 2012! WOW the tiger has emerged! Great wrestling session, tough and intense. Good submissions on both sides. A perfect bout!


big bad bri is recommended by dadwrestle (8/31/2012)

Fought this guy some years back now! Hes tougher than he looks and is a good grappler.


ironwill is recommended by dadwrestle (8/30/2012)

Wrestled this great guy once at a Clash of Titans meet in USA! What a star! Tough, strong, never backs off. He delivers a hard aggressive submission wrestle you will remember!

dadwrestle is recommended by tizerlad (8/05/2012)

great fun wrestling this bigger guy, makes you think harder on tacticle moves!...really friendly guy great to talk to, and have a fun day with on or off the mats.. ;-))))

tizerlad is recommended by dadwrestle (8/05/2012)

Met this guy yesterday at a Grapevine session. He's fast, strong and skilled. Despite the weight difference I had to work hard! Great opponent, safe sane and good intense wrestler! Enjoyed every minute on mats with him. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

dadwrestle is recommended by Perseus (5/30/2012)

Well if u thought this guy was too old or big - forget it lol
He's strong experienced knows his holds and is a very decent challenge. Hard aggressive, fun and always safe. Will I wrestle him again? U bet and u should too. Great banter too

Perseus is recommended by dadwrestle (7/13/2012)

The rematch has happened! This guy is greatly improved skill wise and is now one of the toughest guys around I reckon. Have to admit, I got well and truly beaten!!
Now here's a wrestler with a great build, strong, skilled and a challenging opponent! Had heard lots about him before we met, and he lived up to and surpassed all expectations. Thoroughly reliable, fun on and off mats, safe and sane, but a tough, determined wrestler. One of the best fights I've had for a long time!! Roll on the rematch!


Docklands Bear is recommended by dadwrestle (7/06/2012)

Locked up again with this great Brit Pro wrestler this week! Good tussle, in old Saturday afternoon style! Perfect host as ever, meeting me at the station. Safe, sane and reliable!


ukpitbull is recommended by dadwrestle (6/21/2012)

Locked up again with this great guy this week! Hot pro session on his mats! He's a perfect host, sane, safe and tough.A skilled, imaginative wrestler. We are to meet again soon, I hope!

dadwrestle is recommended by grappleguy66 (6/15/2012)

paul is a good,strong wrestler.very entertainig,on the mats,and in the chat rooms. He's safe ,reliable, he's a pleasure to meet.he's become a wise old friend. HIGHLY RECOMEND

grappleguy66 is recommended by dadwrestle (1/08/2011)

Safe, sane, tough and a skilled on the mats! Perfect host and completely reliable. If you get the chance, accept the will have a fun time, even if you do get beaten! An all round good guy.


Londonmeet111 is recommended by dadwrestle (5/31/2012)

Met this young man some time back and had a great tussle! Looking forward to a rematch soon!

dadwrestle is recommended by Superfly (5/26/2012)

Wrestled against Paul today and had a hot sweaty bout. Strong and technical, he inflicted pain on me (safe and sane of course). He was reliable and genuine and needless to add, great sense of humour. I totally recommend him. Great match!

Superfly is recommended by dadwrestle (5/28/2012)

I wrestled this guy last weekend, and what a great fight we had. He is strong, trim, and determined! He has great stamina, and keeps on coming back. Great fun on and off the mats, totally reliable, safe and sane. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Roll on the rematch!


kingj is recommended by dadwrestle (5/09/2012)

Met this wrestler for the first time last Saturday! He's agile, safe and fun, on and off the mats! Looking forward to a rematch!


Buzz88 is recommended by dadwrestle (4/06/2012)

Here's a tough, strong guy who just doesn't give up! We had a great match, and I'm looking forward to taking him on again. Reliable, sane and a good host. Watch out, this man's going to be a handfull on mats soon!

dadwrestle is recommended by duncanuk (3/01/2012)

A true gentleman - who can inflict pain on very inch of your body. Fortunately, he tailors his onslaughts to the abilities of his opponents, so whatever your weight or skill level you will have a good hard wrestle and think you have done well.

Every now and then the mask would slip and the true horror of what could befall me if I got too cocky became apparent. Respect due.

I relish the prospect of the next meeting. Thanks for a great wrestling experience.

duncanuk is recommended by dadwrestle (3/01/2012)

GREAT wrestle last night! This guy is quick, strong, amazing stamina and tough!! Despite the weight difference the fight was even, showing off his skill in handling a bigger opponent. 100% reliable, sane and safe. Not to be missed. Here's hoping the rematch is soon!

dadwrestle is recommended by UKrenegade (2/05/2012)

We had a really good challenging matches. Good conversation too! Heartily recommend this interesting wrestler!

UKrenegade is recommended by dadwrestle (2/05/2012)

Heard a lot about this wrestler, all good! He certainly lived up to expectations!! Reliable, strong, very skilled...the perfect opponent. Great guy off mats too. I hope we wrestle again SOON!


RobUK is recommended by dadwrestle (2/04/2012)

Rob is a star! Strong, tough and a good wrestle!


KevinLondon is recommended by dadwrestle (2/03/2012)

Nice guy! Fun wrestle!


silverbear is recommended by dadwrestle (2/02/2012)

This guy is everything the label says! Reliable, friendly on and off the mats, and excellent wrestle! Looking forward to locking up again in the Rochdale ring!

dadwrestle is recommended by jack555 (1/12/2012)

Paul is a great guy to wrestle. Really enjoyed our match and looking forward to the next one. Always great when David beats Goliath ;-)

jack555 is recommended by dadwrestle (1/10/2012)

Wrestled Ken today! What a guy! Reliable, on time, super sense of humour. On the mats, strong, determined, skilled with a high pain threshold. Can't wait for the rematch!

dadwrestle is recommended by borets (1/03/2012)

I've had the pleasure of wrestling him many times. Safe sane considerate funny reliable. Oh did I say he's a good grappler ? Knows what he's doing and will push you as hard as you want / need. Ok, sometimes a little harder. A gent off the mats, a fighter on them. Nuff said.

borets is recommended by dadwrestle (3/08/2010)

Take this guy on and you get a good, hard intense fight!


fatboy1969 is recommended by dadwrestle (1/02/2012)

Met this guy to wrestle two three times a year or so back! He's strong, keen and a good guy to fight!

dadwrestle is recommended by Physical (6/28/2010)

A really great guy to meet up with and DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this guy on the mats. He's safe, sane and a very good technical submission wrestler - happy to lock up with Paul again anytime!

Physical is recommended by dadwrestle (11/26/2011)

This guy lives up to his pics and more! We have wrestled a few times. It's always safe and sane, but a tough encounter. I am looking forward to our next "set to"!

dadwrestle is recommended by speedosweat (11/17/2011)

Dadwrestle is a lot bigger than me but he's great fun to fight! We had a long, intense match and he's up for either being a heel or more competitive stuff.

speedosweat is recommended by dadwrestle (11/17/2011)

Always enjoy taking on speedosweat! He's a good host off the mats and fun to grapple on the mats. Long, close sessions. He's strong and persistent!


musclneck is recommended by dadwrestle (9/10/2011)

This guy is NOT TO BE MISSED! Skilled, strong and totally reliable.

dadwrestle is recommended by Ironbull (9/04/2011)

I have known and wrestled Paul for many years and he's a good wrestler and excellent company.

Ironbull is recommended by dadwrestle (9/04/2011)

I never miss a chance of stepping on to the mats with Ed! He's safe, sane and thoroughly reliable. He's a skilled wrestler, strong and tough. I always come away from a bout having learned something, but also knowing I've had a great time! Don't miss the chance of taking him on.

dadwrestle is recommended by croppedinely (8/09/2011)

Paul is a gentleman, and it was nice to have a competitive bout with a bigger man. Strong and tenacious on the mat with bags of endurance, he will give you a good workout! He is warm and charming off the mat too - looking forwards to the next round.

croppedinely is recommended by dadwrestle (8/09/2011)

I met Stew today, after reading his other recommendations! He outshone them all! Reliable, safe and sane. Very skilled, strong wrestler, willing to share his expertise on mats. Off the mats, a fun guy with interesting conversation. I look forward to our next match up, even if I get thoroughly beaten again!

dadwrestle is recommended by Lincoln Lad (8/02/2011)

Had a GREAT scrap with Paul recently! He's tough, strong, physical and sane on the mats and a true gent off them. He's a really nice fella, who can wrestle as rough as you want! He's a sly dog, too, with loads of mean tricks - never turn your back on him for a second! Totally recommended - drop him a challenge - you won't regret it!

Lincoln Lad is recommended by dadwrestle (8/03/2011)

Well, if you want to meet the best, don't turn down a challenge from "The Lad"! We wrestled for a good long time. He delivers a tough, intense submission fight, whilst being perfectly safe and sane. Made me work damn hard, too. Perfect host, and a gent off the mats (if occasionally not a gent on mats!!) Roll on the rematch!!


londonlad80 is recommended by dadwrestle (7/02/2011)

Always a great time when we lock up on the mats! He is determined to day! Don't pass up a chance to wrestle this guy. He's reliable, strong and a real gent!

dadwrestle is recommended by BoxerBoy (6/05/2011)

Paul is a great wrestler...strong, skillful and a gentleman on and off the mats. Can´t wait to meet him again.

BoxerBoy is recommended by dadwrestle (6/30/2010)

Ralf is a great guy to meet! He has a good build, is strong and is fast becoming a handy wrestler! Don't miss out on a meet!


Judomonkey is recommended by dadwrestle (2/12/2011)

VERY skilled, fast wrestler. Reliable, safe and sane. You will learn a lot, but don't expect to win! He's a champ!

dadwrestle is recommended by Dav8 (2/08/2011)

Paul is strong, fun and versatile. Great with countermoves.
Looking forward to our rematch.

Dav8 is recommended by dadwrestle (2/07/2011)

This is a great tank of a wrestler! He's determined and tough. Takes a lot of punishment and dishes it out too! Looks good in gear. Don't miss the chance of taking him to mats!

dadwrestle is recommended by bigbear (1/10/2011)

Great guy on off mats strong guy need watch out for headlock Great host will meet again

bigbear is recommended by dadwrestle (1/08/2011)

Don't underestimate the novice! Had a great time with this guy. He's a heavyweight well worth meeting!


dhb57 is recommended by dadwrestle (10/19/2010)

Fireplug of a guy! Gives a good, hard safe bout whether boxing or wrestling or mix of both! Real gent off mats too, but a tiger on! Regular opponent.


sjs333 is recommended by dadwrestle (9/29/2010)

Now guys, here is a wrestler you shouldn't miss! Strong, skilled, great physique!


KMMAN is recommended by dadwrestle (9/27/2010)

This guy is AWESOME! Strong, skilled wrestler, will give you a great fight on mats! Off mats...perfect gentleman! If you get the opportunity, step on to the mats with won't be disappointed.

dadwrestle is recommended by grappleian (8/15/2010)

Met Paul at Pippa's - had a good friendly grapple. Definatley skilled and has strength plus a nice guy as well, look forward to another grapple...


dadwrestle is recommended by louisfight (8/12/2010)

very nice guy !! we must fight again even if i am lighter
enjoy a lot our match !! may be harder next time
very strong and good wrestler !!

louisfight is recommended by dadwrestle (8/10/2010)

I enjoyed a tough, hard wrestle with Louis! He was a considerate host, too.


toughwrestler is recommended by dadwrestle (8/03/2010)

Great wrestler! Polite, off the mats, aggressive, skilled and fast on! Had been waiting a long time to fight this guy, and it was well worth the wait!

dadwrestle is recommended by bear2967 (6/30/2010)

Paul is a great guy to wrestle, especially if like me you are a lightweight, he can easly match his style to suit, which to me makes him one of the best guys to go against weather your a novice/experianced or lightweight/heavyweight, give him a go you wont be dissapointed.

bear2967 is recommended by dadwrestle (6/30/2010)

Had a great session in Blackpool with "the bear"! Don't underestimate him...he may be a lightweight, but he is no jobber!


heralduk is recommended by dadwrestle (6/30/2010)

Make sure you get this guy on the mats! He is strong, tough, doesn't tap out easily and is gaining in expertise every time we meet. Off the mats, he is a perfect gent, too!

dadwrestle is recommended by Bearhuggruk (5/29/2010)

u know what wrestle dad is one of the best wrestlers I know - he can always tell what u want and boy he delivers!

Bearhuggruk is recommended by dadwrestle (5/29/2010)

Matt's a regular opponent! Lives up to his great pics too. He's pretty skilled, so don't underestime him. He's sane, safe and utterly reliable! Don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him!!

dadwrestle is recommended by musclemarkuk (5/20/2010)

Met last night for a good match up. Reliable , safe and sane and yea tough on the mat . Recommend a match .

musclemarkuk is recommended by dadwrestle (5/20/2010)

We met and wrestled last night! GREAT guy, reliable, safe, sane and fun. He's strong and tough! Well worth a challenge. Looking forward to the rematch!


gazst is recommended by dadwrestle (1/22/2010)

Don't miss the chance of taking Gaz on! He might be small but he is tough!


muscldfighter is recommended by dadwrestle (1/10/2010)

Simply the best! Great body, matched by wrestling skills! He's reliable, sane and a superb opponent. Don't turn down a challenge from him.


Blackwrestle is recommended by dadwrestle (9/19/2009)

Whatever you do, dont underestimate this guy! He's strong and tough on the mats and a skilled wrestler! Well worth a challenge, and fun to wrestle.

dadwrestle is recommended by Rusnak (9/13/2009)

wrestledad is alot of fun on the mats. competitive or fun he is a geat match. man of his worg and a good mate

Rusnak is recommended by dadwrestle (8/31/2009)

Can only say that Rusnak is a great wrestler...strong, skillful and a gentleman off the mats. Don't pass him by, guys!!

dadwrestle is recommended by bermudasexfight (9/05/2009)

totally agree with badlad's recommendation - dadwrestle is fun reliable - discreete - a lot of fun - he and i have fought about 4 times - still looking foward to when i get to beat him - if you like big bear wrestling battles then he is your man

bermudasexfight is recommended by dadwrestle (9/05/2009)

If you get the chance, this big guy is well worth taking to the mats! He's sane, sensible and fun!!

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